listing as 
Rhodesians/Zimbabweans Worldwide
is not part of the
Rhodesians Worldwide
® magazine

Due to some confusion regarding websites and enterprises on the internet, Rhodesians Worldwide magazine has issued the following statement:
"We at Rhodesians Worldwide®  magazine are in no way connected to or associated with any other website or enterprise on the internet using the name "Rhodesians Worldwide" with the exception of the various Rhodesians Worldwide associations listed within the Rhodesians Worldwide magazine. We wish it to be known we have not given any other individuals or enterprises permission to use our trademarked name of Rhodesians Worldwide®. The name Rhodesians Worldwide® has been used continually by the magazine and its associated entities since 1984 when it was first published in Australia. The Rhodesians Worldwide® magazine and the merchandise we produce are  not linked to any other individuals or enterprises. This magazine has been published quarterly for the past 28 years and has been distributed worldwide through the regular postal channels since its inception.  Furthermore Rhodesians Worldwide® magazine is in no way involved in the website at www.rhodesiansworldwide.com (listing as Rhodesians/Zimbabweans Worldwide)-this website is owned and operated by individuals who have no connection to the magazine. We are also not involved in the Facebook group known as Rhodesians/Zimbabweans Worldwide nor in the Facebook group operating under the name Rhodesians Worldwide. We are involved in the Facebook page called Rhodesians Worldwide and the Facebook group called Rhodesians-Worldwide"