Rhodesian Library Material

(all copyrights are retained by the original owners and the materials placed here are for the purposes of research and passing interest in Rhodesia and her history)

10th Anniversary of Independence

1969 Proposals for a New Constitution

1979 Proposals for a New Constitution

A Case for Zimbabwe Rhodesia

Africa Calls May-June 1962

Africa Calls from Zimbabwe-Rhodesia 1979

Africa Calls from Zimbabwe-Rhodesia January-February 1980

African Marriages Act

Air Rhodesia -Hunyani Disaster – From Richard Allport

Anatomy of Terror

A Pride of Eagles

A Pride of Men

Around Rhodesia No 1

Around Rhodesia No 2

Around Rhodesia No 3

Assegai Vol 18 No. 3

Assorted Rhodesia Related Cuttings – (from a graduate student researching Rhodesia-this is over 200 pages long)

Attitudes Towards a Peaceful Settlement

Avondale School

Birds of Rhodesia

Brief History of the Rhodesian Army – From Richard Allport

British Justice – Do You Care?

British Justice – It’s In Your Hands

Broadcasting in the Seventies – RBC

B.S.A.Co. Medal Roll – Archives of Zimbabwe

BSAP, A Proud Record – by H.G. Baldwin

Building Kariba

Bulawayo and Matopos

Caravanning in Rhodesia

Cathedral of Saint Mary and All Saints

Catholic Commission Report on the Matabeleland Massacres – (be patient as this is 275 pages long)

Centenary of the Matabele Rebellion – article from the Historic Society of Zimbabwe – Mashonaland Branch

Ceremonial Opening of Parliament 1965

Children of the Veldt – by Gaenor Turner

Currie Cup Rhodesia vs Transvaal 1974

Deafening Silence Sermon – by Rev. John da Costa

Election Simplified

Farming in Rhodesia

Fire Force-Helicopter Warfare in Rhodesia part 1  – by Prof. J.R.T Wood

Fire-Force- Helicopter Warfare in Rhodesia part 2  – by Prof. J.R.T. Wood

Fishing in Rhodesia

Five Ways to Discover Rhodesia

Flags of Rhodesia – (assorted articles and a paper by Bruce Berry)

Flags of Rhodesia

For the Record No 44

Fort Victoria, Zimbabwe and Kyle

Kariba the Story of the World’s Largest Man Made Lake

Lancaster House Conference

Lake Kariba Guidebook

Lake Kariba’s Hydrofoil

Law and Order Maintenance Act

Law and Order Maintenance Act Section 44

Le Rhone Game Farm

Lion with Tusk Guardant – by J. F. MacDonald

Matusadona Lake Shore

Meet the Leaders

Meikles Catalogue

Memories in Red Dust

Occupation of Matabeleland

Op-Quartz by Richard Allport

Op-Uric – by Alec Binda

Outpost October, 1973

Outpost February, 1978

Outpost June 1978

Outpost July 1978

P.A.T.U. – from The Elite Magazine

Prime Minister’s Address to the Nation 2 June 1979

Proposals for a Settlement November 1971

Proposals for Independence

Rhodesia 67

Rhodesia and Nyasaland Army Ceremonial Parade

Rhodesia Before 1920

Rhodesia Calls November-December, 1975

Rhodesia Calls July-August, 1978

Rhodesia First

Rhodesia For the Vistor – Rhodesian Ministry of Information brochure

Rhodesia Holidayland

Rhodesia: How Much Time – Newsweek April, 1976

Rhodesia Goes Metric

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 1

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 2

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 3

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 4

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 5

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 6

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 7

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 8

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 9

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 10

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 11

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 12

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 13

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 14

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 15

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 16

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 17

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 18

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 19

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 20

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 21

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 22

Rhodesiana Publication Vol 23

Rhodesian Digest

Rhodesian Front Referendum Flyer

Rhodesian Insurgency part 1  – by Prof. J.R.T. Wood

Rhodesian Insurgency part – by Prof. J.R.T. Wood

Rhodesian Pioneer Women

Rhodesian Scene 1968

Rhodesian Scene 1972

Rhodesian Slang Dictionary – courtesy of www.rhodesia.com

Rhodesia Proclamation No 19

Rhodesia’s Capital Salisbury

Rhodesia’s Golden Harvest

Rhodesia’s National Gardens

Salisbury A City Comes of Age

Salisbury Map

Sanctions – the Cost to Britain

Security Force Auxillaries – Lion and Tusk Vol 2 No. 2

Selous Scouts – From Richard Allport

Settlement Proposals

Shangani_Patrol  – by W.D. Gale (1958)

Shell – This is Rhodesia

Southern Rhodesia Jubilee 1890-1950

Speak Out for Change

Statement on Anglo-Rhodesia Relations

Stopover in Bulawayo

Terrorist Threat – from The Years Between

The Beloved Green and White – (Vexillology Conference Talk give by Bruce Berry)

The Benefits of Lifting Sanctions

The Commonwealth Conference

The Marriage Act

The Mazoe Patrol  – by H.D. Rawson

The Norton Story

The Murder of Missionaries – Rhodesian Government pamphlet

The Pearce Commission Report

The Tragedy of Terrorism

This is Rhodesia – Rhodesian Government pamphlet

Three Quarters of a Century of Banking in Rhodesia

U.D.I. Commemorative Broadsheet – Rhodesian Government Printer


Victoria Falls Souvenir

Wankie National Park

Wankie National Park 2

War Since 1945 Symposium – Rhodesia Tactical Victory – From Richard Allport

Where Did Pearce Go Wrong

Zimbabwe Armed Forces 2011 – from Southern Africa Report

Zimbabwe Rhodesia-the New Nation

Zimbabwe Rhodesia Flag

Zimbabwe Ruins

Zimbabwe Rhodesia New Constitution

Scope Articles

Some of us will remember these inserts and articles. They are an important part of our history. They are here for your enjoyment and reading interest. They are not downloadable nor can you print them. Scope Magazine and its descendants hold copyright to these items and if you can get permission from them I will send you a copy.
Rhodesia at War Part 1

Rhodesia at War Part 2

Rhodesia on the Rack


Kariba Tragedy

Nkomo Interview

Rhodesia becomes Zimbabwe