Rhodesian Related websites:

Disclaimer- there are no direct links through this list. This list is for informational purposes and all information herein is available through a public whois search. These are the registered ownership details of Rhodesian related websites as identified by WHOIS as of September, 2023. If any of these details are incorrect please let us know and we will correct them. All ownership details are public and can be checked using the following link and checking the “Whois Server” listed:

http://www.internic.net/whois.html or http://www.enom.com/

flf-rasa.co.za РFlame Lily Foundation  Рdomain ownership: John Redfern

government-of-rhodesia.org – currently parked: domain ownership: hidden (make your own judgements)

greatnorthroad.org – Great Northern Road – domain ownership: Ninernet Communications

memoriesofrhodesia.com – redirects to Zambesitradingpost.com – domain ownership: Symphony of Services Inc.
– David Cushworth

memories-of-rhodesia.com – links to Symphony of Services – domain ownership: David Cushworth

reclaimingrhodesia.com – Reclaiming Rhodesia – domain ownership: hidden but hosted on a neo-Nazi server (zensurfrei)

rhodesia.com – Rhodesians Worldwide on the WWW – domain ownership: Gary du Bernard

rhodesia.org – Rhodesians Worldwide magazine – domain ownership: Rhodesians Worldwide – Chris Whitehead

rhodesian.com.au – site with a lot of Rhodesian info – domain ownership: Stephen Bennett

rhodesiana.com – rhodesiana.com – domain ownership: Gordon Poultney

rhodesianassociation.com – Rhodesian Association of Western Australia (RAWA) – domain ownership: Robyn Birkin

rhodesianforces.org – Rhodesian Army Association – domain ownership: Rhodesian Army Association

rhodesianmilitaria.com – Rhodesian Militaria website – domain ownership: Peter Garratt

rhodesianservices.org – Rhodesian Services Assoc. – domain ownership: Hugh Bomford

rhodesiansworldwide.com – redirects to Rhodesians Worldwide magazine-domain ownership: Rhodesians Worldwide-Chris Whitehead

rhodesians-worldwide.com – Rhodesians Worldwide magazine – domain ownership: Rhodesians Worldwide – Chris Whitehead

rhodesiaregiment.com – Rhodesia Regiment Regimental Association – domain ownership: Hugh Bomford

rhodesiaregiment.org – redirects to rhodesiaregiment.com – domain ownership: Hugh Bomford

rhodesiawassuper.com -Links to 3dcartstores- domain ownership: Select Sports – Bill McDonald

rhonet.org – website to provide hosting to Rhodesian related websites – domain ownership: Private Registration

thenewrbc.com – Rhodesian Broadcasting Corp – domain ownership: The Rhodesian Broadcasting Corp – Liz Principe – hosted on SymphonyofServices server

therli.com – Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association – domain ownership: e2 Solutions Pty Ltd

theselousscouts.com – official Selous Scouts website – domain ownership: Marco Gollino

zambesitradingpost.com – replaces memoriesofrhodesia – domain ownership: hidden

zimbabwesituation.com – Zimbabwe Situation – domain ownership: Karen Collins

Facebook groups and pages:

Rhodesians Worldwide magazine – Page managed by Rhodesians Worldwide magazine

Rhodesians-Worldwide – Group managed by Rhodesians Worldwide magazine

Rhodesian’s World Wide – Group managed by unknow parties

Rhodesians Worldwide – Group managed by an unknown party

Rhodesians/Zimbabweans Worldwide – Group managed by unknown parties