Important Message for Zimbabwe Government Pensioners living in South Africa.

In July 2004, the Zimbabwe Pensioners Association (ZPA) was established as a division of the Flame Lily Foundation (FLF), to provide a service to Zimbabwe pensioners in South Africa. This enabled us to build a database so that we could identify and help pensioners in critical need. The database also provided the FLF with statistical information relating to membership of the various pension funds.

The Zimbabwe Government’s Director of Pensions approached the FLF in April 2009, asking if the FLF could assist the Pensions Office to reach pensioners in South Africa, in anticipation of pension payments being resumed. We accordingly notified all Zimbabwe Government pensioners on the ZPA database. The exercise started in October 2009 and at the end of November 2009 we sent over 500 completed applications to the Pensions Office in Harare. To date we have processed almost 900 applications.

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The Pensions Office requires the following documents before pension payments can be resumed:
Certificate of Life, to be completed and certifiedby a Commissioner of Oaths;

Bankers Automated Clearing Service, providing your banking details;

Certified copy of your National Registration metal card issued in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, or of your passport (the page with your photograph), regardless of nationality. Please DO NOT send a copy of your South African ID.

Completed forms, together with associated documents, must be sent to the FLF office by post (scanned or faxed copies are NOT acceptable).

You should attach to the Certificate of Life a note giving:

• your date of entry into Government service;

• your date of retirement from that service;

• your job title, rank or grade in which Department at time of your retirement.

If you are a widow, and were not in receipt of a Widow’s Pension before pension payments ceased in 2003, you will also need to complete a new form, and provide certified copies of your marriage certificate and your late husband’s death certificate, as well as a certified copy of your own ID document.

Until December 2011 we processed the documents at no charge to pensioners registered on the ZPA database or members of the FLF. However, due to overhead costs involved, we now request a donation of R100,00 made out to the Flame Lily Foundation, ABSA Bank, Brooklyn Court, Account No. 1500680799, Code 335345.

Please complete the attached forms and return them to the address given below, together with proof of payment, unless you are a paid-up FLF member. We will then submit your documents to the Pensions Office in Harare by secure means, but we accept no responsibility thereafter.
Alternatively, you might prefer to send the forms to the Pensions Office yourself, at your own expense.

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